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  We teach Tai Chi Classes in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Crumpsall

Although there are many Tai Chi classes in Greater Manchester,  we have been established teaching Tai Chi classes in Bury since 2000 under the direct lineage of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei and his Indoor student Master Liu Yong. Our Bury Tai Chi Classes are conveniently located in the town centre with easy access and a free car park.  
The British Chen Style Tai Chi College has been running Tai Chi classes in Bury and Greater Manchester for over 20 years, teaching authentic Chen Style Tai Chi (Old Frame). We also have Tai Chi classes in Oldham and Rochdale. 
In addition to Chen Style Tai Chi, we also teach 24 Step Yang Style Tai Chi and Wild Goose Qigong.
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We have a wealth of experience in the British Chen Style Tai Chi College,  focusing on health and wellbeing in our Tai Chi Classes. Our instructors have trained for over 25 years with frequent visits to China to ensure their teaching is both accurate and up to date. 
Learn how to relax with the slow gentle movements of Tai Chi. Discover how Tai Chi can maintain your joint mobility and flexibility. Find out how Tai Chi can improve your health and your wellbeing.  Start your Tai Chi Journey today. Come and learn how you can benefit from this system of Chinese exercises for health, wellbeing and self defence.
We have classes for all levels of students :-
Over 50s with Age UK Bury
Advanced, including weapons and Pushing Hands
Corporate Sessions
Instructor Workshops
Private Tuition

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, showing the "18 Form"

Also see Grandmaster Chen performing the 74 forms of the Laojia Yilu (Old Frame ) Click on the tab at the top for Chen Zhenglei's page. 
Over the years Students from the British Chen Style Tai Chi College has visited China on training trips, and have also represented the UK in Chinese Tai Chi events. We took part in Tai Chi meetings in China in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2009. Some students returned with gold medals, confirming that our Tai Chi in Bury is the same as that in China!

What is Tai Chi ?

Tai Chi, or Tai Chi Chuan (taiji quan) to give it its proper name, is a combination of:-
* Martial Arts movements
* Traditional Chinese Medicine
* Breathing techniques also known as "Qigong"
* The principles of Yin and Yang
* Relaxation
Tai Chi (chuan) mean Tai Chi boxing, or Tai Chi fist , and is primarily a martial art. Because of its many other ingredients it can also be used to promote relaxation, wellbeing and generally improve health. This is particularly due to the Qigong aspects of the exercises.  

Wild Goose Qigong in Bury

If you are looking for Qigong in north Manchester, the British Chen Style Tai Chi College also runs Bury classes in Wild Goose Qigong. Wild Goose Qigong maintains health by moving the body through a dance-like sequence of movements, similar to Tai Chi. However it has a much deeper effect in opening the acu-points, moving the Qi through the meridians and flushing out any negative energy which may cause stagnation and illness!  This is a self-healing, self-nurturing, wellbeing  exercise system.
Our Wild Goose Qigong teaching is directly from Grandmaster Chen Chuangang, the 28th generation lineage holder of this system, and son of Yang Meijun. Wild Goose Qigong started almost 2000 years ago and is credited to Dao An, who translated the Buddhist texts into Chinese. This makes it 1000 years older than Tai Chi!
As with Tai Chi, Qigong also follows the principles of Yin and Yang, and can be described as a forerunner to Tai Chi. It includes meditation for relaxation and is also closely connected to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
Our classes are open to both beginners and to those who may have previous experience,  who wish to learn the accurate, authentic version of this form that was handed down to former Grandmaster Yang Meijun from her Grandfather Yang De Shan.
Unlike Tai Chi, there are no martial application to Wild Goose Qigong. This exercise focuses entirely on moving your life-force energy through your meridians to promote health, relaxation and wellbeing. It has been well documented as a cure for many chronic illnesses and in some cases, has even been known to improve Cancer!  Please see www.wildgooseqigong-uk.com for more information. 
Bury classes on Sunday morning at 10.45 and Thursday evening at 7.00. See "Classes" page for details. 

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For information about our Tai Chi Classes or about Wild Goose Qigong Email[email protected]
Call Sue Johnson on 0161 762 0609 
Also please see the Wild Goose Qigong web site www.wildgooseqigong-uk.com
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